In low media spend industries, the optimisation of investments according to your strategic objectives is both an art and a science and it requires experience and specific know-how.

Hi! I am Corneliu Vilsan. I have 20+ years of experience and proven success in General Management and senior functional roles (Marketing and Business Development) at some of the world’s leading companies in B2C (beverage, FMCG) and B2B (industrial field).

Throughout these years, I have developed strong strategic thinking and business acumen whilst working in over 50 countries across 3 continents. My objective is to put these skills and experiences to work for your business in order to achieve better results on your marketing investments. It is my belief that companies generally struggle to develop appropriate strategies and successfully implement these strategies in order to optimise investment – it is both an art and a science to do so effectively.

I am cooperating with a leading global information & measurement company, which specializes in providing market research, insights and data about what customers watch, listen to and buy. This partnership allows me, as a marketing executive, to deliver a unique approach for marketing optimisation.

I am also partnering with some of the most innovative companies in their field (Revenue Growth Management using AI, market research and media audit), all with the same objective: delivering the most cost efficient solution for your marketing effectiveness needs, at a frction of the cost of big consultancy firms. Overall, I conduct a full strategic review of your business and recommend the best actions in order to achieve your objectives.


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