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– Marketing strategy –

Clarify your overall marketing strategy based on company short and long term objectives, competitive position on the market, competition investment, market potential, brand lifecycle and profitability, portfolio prioritization.

Whether you are a medium size or a big business, this product is for you. Defining your marketing strategy or refreshing it can be the most important thing you want to do for your business. With more than 20 years of experience in budgeting, planning and implementation, in several industries, we are here to help you optimize your strategy to achieve your objectives: increase market share, grow profits or improve topline.

How to Build a Successful Marketing Strategy

Effective Marketing starts with a clear marketing strategy. Check it out ⇒



– Marketing efficiency 

Once your overall marketing strategy and budget are defined, provide the right brand or portfolio strategies, understand motivations and barriers faced by consumers or customers during their customer decision journey, build detailed planning of the overall customer experience, including investment by touchpoint, in order to maximise marketing ROI.

Using unique methodology and in cooperation with the leading global information & measurement company, increase the efficiency of your marketing investment by using a combination of consumer data and algorithms customized for your industry. This solution is best suited especially when you do not have terrabites of big data available, or when your data is not representative or counterintuitive,  but still want to use the best expert systems based on custom-made artificial intelligence tools.


– Marketing organization –

How to build an efficient marketing organization based on your company strategy, marketing budget, current and desired ways of working, perceived efficiency of your organization by external partners and customers.

Whether you want to restructure or change the ways of working, this solution helps you better adapt your organization to your strategy, using a combination of analytical tools and interviews with your teams, partners and customers.


– Brand audit –

Similar to a financial audit, deep-dive into the real reasons of brand under-performance and find solutions to improve your market position.

Have you ever experienced declining sales, loss of market share, lack of relevance of your brand for the strategic target? Well, you are not alone… The Brand Audit will help you rejuvenate your brand, navigating among the many aspects of your business that could have gone wrong: is your packaging updated? Is your message out-of-date for your target? Did the competition reposition or have you lagged on innovation recently? 

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